2013 (1.1%)(0.2%)(1.8%)+3.7%+2.4%+5.0%+1.3%+9.52%
2014(-5.6%)(-0.3%)(-0.3%)+0.2%+4.2%+6.5%-6.6%+2.4% -5.4%+2.8%+.4%(-2.2%)-4.73%
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Thursday, January 16, 2014

The goal of Market Wealth Builder model is to beat S&P500 Total Return index consistently on an annual basis by a wide margin.  The quantitative model that I personally developed analyzes US listed high volume companies to generate significant alpha.  The model does not use stop-losses, margin or leverage. The model is highly concentrated and its turnover is about 5 trades per month.
I personally trade the model in my brokerage account. You will be trading the same stocks that I trade, you and me will be riding the market waves in the same boat. As a matter of fact you can see screenshots of my personal brokerage account summary by clicking on the year links in the performance table above. If I am wrong, I will be the first one to get hurt. My skin is in the game and you can trust my knowledge and my expertise.
The model is not for people who are looking to trade stocks for income. It's for professionals and business people who like to diversify out into publicly traded companies to build wealth.
If you have enough income to live on, saved some money and want to build wealth for yourself, your children and grandchildren, Market Wealth Builder model is designed to help you achieve your financial goals.
Recommended starting capital is $12K-$15K.